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Oak Sourcing & Logistics Catalog

OakSL is a leading player in sourcing and logistics. Our agile and dependable approach allows us to partner with you to get the highest quality products you need in a timely manner.

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Anesthesia & Respiratory

Help every your patient breathe easier with Anesthesia & Respiratory products that Doctors and Nurses trust.

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Get medical grade batteries you need for your medical equipment.

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Footwear Management

Getting the proper clean, and sanitary footwear is important in the healthcare industry.

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Homecare Electronics

From blood pressure monitors to oximeters, get the home care electronics you need.

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Hospital Beds

Simple and comfortable hospital beds, that have manual cranks for easy access.

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Hospital Equipment

Wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, we have all your hospital equipment listed for purchase.

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Disposable gowns, and other scubs needed for the medical industry are available in bulk order.

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Watch vital signs, and monitor patients. Get the proper monitoring tools you need.

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Surgical instrument

Forceps, Scissors, or hemostats we have all the surgical equipment needed.

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