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Meet Illuvia

Illuvia by Aerobiotix is changing air for healthcare. See how Illuvia eliminates 99.97% of virus bioaerosols in the air.

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The Invisible Enemy

How clean is your OR?

Most standard operating room air handling systems were not designed for current use. The present OR environment is different from the past.

More Cases + More People = More Airborne Contamination

Current positive pressure systems do not deactivate pathogens, just displace pathogens. Those pathogens fall on surgical drapes, instrumentation, implants, gloves, tables, and patients. The Illuvia system helps your operating room be the best facility by bringing clean air to your already clean surfaces.


“ would seem that by far the largest proportion of bacteria found in the wound after the prosthesis had been inserted reached it by the airborne route.”

O.M. Lidwell, E.J.L. Lowbury, W. Whyte, R. Blowers, S.J. Stanley and D. Lowe.Journal of Hospital Infection

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